Honest Burgers Liverpool Street, London


Burgers are not hard to cook, right? But it's hard to find a good burger. I didn't actually stumbled into Honest Burgers by accident, I deliberately went there. I've walked past the soho branch many times and seeing the queue it just puts me off. So how do you avoid the queue? Go to a different branch, relatively in a less busier area such as Liverpool Street and perhaps in the evening to avoid the lunch time madness.

The menu is simple with few variations of burgers all reasonably priced and comes with rosemary chips. To make yourself feel a bit healthier, you can also opt in for a side of salad at an extra cost.

Special - beef, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, honest guacamole and Harissa mayonnaise

Honest - beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce

Apple, Beetroot and Red Cabbage Coleslaw


I feel forever late for just managing to catch the honest burgers bandwagon now, better late than never right? So I hooked up with a friend to grub burgers together. The burgers are pink and juicy, really there's nothing I can complaint about. It may not be the most flavoursome, still very tasty and enjoyable. And the size, at least I did not have to disintegrate the burger to fit into my mouth which sometimes just ruin the burger. So yes, I can totally open wide of my mouth to take a ridiculously big bite (very not ladylike). The chips are very good, seasoned with lots of Rosemary, not to thin and not too thick, light, fluffy and crispy. Not a tad of grease in sight. The coleslaw is nice. Fresh and crunchy, somehow whenever I tried to make coleslaw it never taste as good as the one as restaurant. Or that could be I am just bad at cooking.

If you want a good tasty burger at a very reasonably price, honest burger is the place. It's not finger licking good, but it's definitely good enough for me as an after drinks grab on work days. 

Score Rating: 3/5
Price: £10-15/head



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