Bleecker St. Burger, London


There is only so much you can write about burgers. I did go to two different burgers joints in one week, in fact that week has been non stop eating out that I felt obnoxiously unhealthy. So much carbs and grease, it will not stop me eating burgers and on ward.

Like many restaurateurs/chefs/etc, it is their passion of food which brought them to where they are in the food world. It is no different to Zan Kaufman, a corporate laywer from New York City and with her love of burgers brought us Bleeck St. Burger. The life of Bleecker St. Burger started out as a food truck roaming around London with rave reviews until they settled for a permanent space in Old Spitalfields Market. The food truck still roamed around in London in various locations.

Bleecker Black - double beef, double american cheese, black pudding, onion & sauce

Double Cheeseburger - double beef, double cheese, onion & sauce

Fries and Angry Fries with hot sauce & blue cheese sauce

When looking at the menu, it's hard to resist not to order the Bleecker Black, a piece of black pudding sandwiched between two beef patties cooked medium rare. Oh man, I hate to admit it despite the seeded bun was a let down, it was super duper delicious. The black pudding may over flavoured the beef, but it's that black pudding flavour which makes this burger exquisite. So good so, Mr T stole rest of my burger even though himself had a double cheeseburger. The double cheeseburger was equally delicious, intense meaty flavour from beef dry aged about forty days. The burgers are slightly on the greasy side, who cares. The fries are good, with "angry fries" smothered in hot sauce and blue cheese. I didn't really like the taste of the hot sauce and it wasn't hot either but the blue cheese is nice. Mr T liked it, that mattered. In fact, he liked the black pudding a lot.

Bleecker St. does quality burgers, the Bleecker Black is a showstopper. That is all you need to order along with some fries. It may not be a restaurant, rather more of a hole-in-the-wall kitchen with few benches scattered around the market. I don't know how I will survive eating in the cold but it won't stop me coming back for more burgers.

Score: 3.5/5
Price: £10-15/head


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Unknown said...

i didnt like it that much unfortunately

Unknown said...

I liked the addition of black pudding. The fondness of black pudding is growing on me.

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