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The newest to join the tapas war in London is Lobos ("wolves" in Spanish) Tapas in the heart of Borough Market. There's a threat to the Spanish scene of Borough Market, coming from three Brindisa alumni who are now operating the new Lobos Tapas. This new joint has a big focus on meat, specifically Ibérico pork - said to be the king of pork. Also featuring classic tapas dishes and lots of Spanish drink too.


I do apologise for the photos being so dark, I was in a wolves cave. More precisely, a narrow dimly lit tunnel with bare filament bulbs hanging and trains raffled overhead. It seems a fitting for the name of the restaurant "wolves" and it is partly set within a railway arch on a mainline into London Bridge station.

Padrón Peppers

Octopus Vinaigrette

Ham, Chorizo & Cheese Board

Padron Pepper seems like a safe bet, really it is a game of roulette. No one hit the jackpot, it was seasoned just right and made it ever so moreish. Tender pieces of octopus and crunchy onion salad with a right note of acidity to the vinaigrette. The ham and cheese board consisted of Ibérico Bellota ham, spicy chorizo, manchego cheese, breadsticks and ciabatta from Bread Ahead bakery at Borough Market. Ibérico Bellota ham is what top prime ham should taste like, oily (healthy fat of course) and rich, melt instantly in the mouth. What's missing is maybe a glass of sherry, that would have completed the board.

Green Salad

Ribeye and Foie Gras

Secreto Iberico, Mojo Chips

Playing the health card before the rise of cholesterol, a green salad which is after all just a salad with a good sharp dressing. What is rising the cholesterol level? F-o-i-e g-r-a-s, sitting on a scrumptious ribeye steak cooked medium rare with caramelised onion sauce. This whole thing just melt in the mouth. Billed as the "hidden" cut of the Ibérico pork, secreto refers to the cut from between the shoulder blade and the loin (I believed the Chinese would refers to this as the neck end).Fantastic flavour and marbled with fat on the surface resulting in juicy tender meat. Mojo is a freshy herby sauce with enough garlic to knock your head off, so much garlic it gives a little heat in to it and was drizzled over thinly sliced fried potato or what they called it as chips which will erroneous a lot of people.

Lobos is on top of its game for their meat, it is a heaven for carnivores. It is a small cosy place with great atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable staffs. Prices are not cheap, I wouldn't mind paying for the quality of Spanish cooking and I know I would be returning soon to have more Ibérico pork.

Score Rating: 3.5/5
Price: £30/head (50% soft launch, £36 for 2 people)

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