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Bringing the vibrant colours and flavours of a bustling Mediterranean market to the door step of Covent Garden, that is what Noam Bar (renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s business partner and ex-boyfriend) has set to do. Sesame is a celebration of the dedication and tradition intrinsic to the Middle Eastern food that Noam knew as a child growing up in Israel.

The use of middle eastern spices seems to be a fashionable thing right now. I only know a thing or two about middle eastern food (hummus, flatbread, kebabs and etc) and there are more to that than you would know. This is not your late night greasy fatty doner kebab corner shop. It is a notch posher and healthier kebab shop serving quality grilled meats (on its own or with pittas) and ready-to-go packaged salads in a fast food manner.

Cauliflower with Tahini and Pomegranate

Lemon and Za'atar Chicken with Chopped Salad, Hummus and Zhoug

Spiced Lamb Kebab with Chopped Salad, Tahini and Zhoug

This is a far cry out from the student time of drunken night eating dodgy kebabs from unknown vendor. Cauliflower cooked to soft but still has a bite to it, tahini adding a nuttiness to it and pomegranate giving a crunch texture. It works well for a salad. Now for me to replicate this salad at home somehow, I'm assuming turmeric was used to colour the cauliflower. The pitta bread is like on the next level, it has thickness and pillowy soft not like the supermarket bought ones which are like paper thin and dry. Oodles of deliciousness filled with subtly cooked zesty chichen or spiced lamb, salad, nutty tahini and zhoug.

If only I can get this joyful food at 3am and I can still remember all these tasty morsels if will definitely be a good end to a night out.

Score Rating: 3.5/5
Price: £5-10/head

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