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What was your last lunch of 2014? My last day of 2014 was spent wandering around London and reminiscing the year. It has been hell of a year with many tears. To put everything behind me, food is the answer. So I met with Mr T for a late lunch at Bond Street. Indeed our last lunch was spent slurping a big bowl of ramen. Tonkotsu Selfridges is the latest outpost from the Tonkotsu Bar & Ramen in Soho opened up inside the department store Selfridges.

It's more of a counter than a restaurant in the Selfridges food hall, with just a handful of tall stools watching the chef in action. There can be a small queue but it fades down fairly quickly. The menu is minimal with two choices of ramen, tonkotsu and chilli chicken ramen (only available at Selfridges). There are also a small selection of side orders and a good range of Japanese alcohols. It's a good causal place for something quick in the midst of shopping.

Tonkotsu Ramen

We tucked ourself to a bowl of tonkotsu ramen each. The broth is made from a stock of pork and chicken or vegetables instead of just super rich pork. It is creamy, viscous and rich but not overly fatty. Still not as creamy/milky as I like but decent enough. Noodle is firm and bouncy which is a joy. The slices of pork belly were reasonably fatty but can be fattier (not good for health, good for taste). Egg was good and the bamboo shoot was tender. A trick I learnt recently from Saturday Kitchen is that if you shake the egg visciously before boiling the yolk will be in the centre when cooked for around 6 minutes. Overall a good bowl of tonkotsu ramen which I couldn't stop drinking the broth.

I would put Tonkotsu in par with Bone Daddies. Kanada-Ya is still my favourite ramen place in London. I yet to take Mr T to Kanada-Ya which he always complained but it's impossible not to queue when he hates queuing for literally anything. It's good to know that he is pleased with Tonkotsu and I can see this place being our regular ramen hunt. Sometimes you don't need celebration - just wrapped up with your beloved, drinking hot beverages, eating and chatting. Ramen is definitely a comfort food to be all cosy but not in a food hall.

Score Rating: 3/5
Price: £15/head

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Unknown said...

Been so long since I had ramen last! Looks yum. Sorry to hear the past year wasn't great, I feel you. It's definitely a great stress-reliever having a meal out in good company. :)

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