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If you asked me to choose between tea or coffee, I would instantly go for tea no doubt. My first sip of tea would probably be when I was little (at a age where I started to eat solid food)? Most likely to be going for dim sum (yum cha) with parents. I remember everytime I went to my grandparents' or relatives', they served tea in the traditional way "gongfu tea" Chinese tea ceremony. It is just fascinating watching the tea being brewed and poured out into tiny teacups. But it's not until later in life when I went into university that I started to fell head-long into a deep involvement in tea and tea culture. 

Rasberry Ripple Ice Cream Tub Cupcake and
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Class: Green Tea, Ryokucha
Origin: Japan
Year: Unknown
Vendor: Mariage Frères
Price: £25/100g
Ratings: 3.5/5

The infused leaves has a great fresh, plant and seaweed aroma. It could be my imagination or pure coincidence, but this tea has consistently tasted better when brewed in a Gaiwan or a Kyusu than the big tea pot. The choice of tea wares used does affect the taste of tea.

Recommendation of brewing: 
"Measure out 5 g of tea for 200 ml of pure, filtered water. Bring the water to a simmer (about 70° C) and let the tea infuse for 3 minutes."

The first infusions' liqour is bright yellow/green colour and quite clear and pure. It has a mellow taste and a hint of bitterness towards at the very end. The second infusion has a nice consistency of taste but the third (and last) infusion was flat and lost its roundness. The shop assistant did recommended me to brew it for two infusions only.



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